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Desalination of Historic Buildings, Stone and Wall Paintings

James Black

Published on February 19, 2014

Desalination of Historic Buildings, Stone and Wall Paintings Alison Heritage, Adrian Heritage, Fulvio Zezza (eds) ISBN: 9781904982890 UK Price: £49.50 US Price: $120.00 This volume examines the use of desalination processes to aid in the conservation of historic buildings and artifacts. The papers contained in this volume examine the salt transport mechanisms between a salt laden substrate and a material applied to its surface; improved methods for assessing desalination treatments and the assessment of the working principle and efficiency of salt extraction poultice systems for use on wall surfaces in monumental buildings by using non-destructive analysis on different material substrates and under different environmental conditions; the results of laboratory tests to evaluate the workability and mechanical properties of fresh poultices; and the assessment of the moisture and ion transport mechanisms active during desalination in different poultice/substrate combinations, by means of nuclear magnetic resonance.