Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Heritage

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Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Heritage David Pinniger ISBN: 9781909492226 UK Price: £35.00 | US Price: $80.00 Binding: Paperback Pages: 156 Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Heritage is a practical, colour- illustrated, working handbook for the curator, conservator and all persons concerned with the management of collections. It is an essential guide to the recognition of insect, rodent and bird pests with advice on the practical steps required to prevent and control damage to collections. The latest information on the trapping and detection of pests is presented together with guidelines for pest recording. The author explains the advantages and disadvantages of physical and chemical control measures, including concerns about the use of pesticides and their effects on staff and the environment. In addition, he demonstrates that Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is not only a safer option, but also a more cost-effective solution to the complex problems of pest control. This book offers comprehensive guidance for the necessary action and treatment of any pest problem likely to be encountered in museums, galleries, libraries, archives and historic houses.

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