Mixing and Matching: Approaches to Retouching Paintings

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ISBN: 9781904982500 UK Price: £39.50 US Price: $80.00 Methods of retouching, or inpainting, vary according to personal preference - the media, pigments and techniques used are each chosen to suit the individual object. A wealth of options is available to the practising conservator, many of which are covered in this volume. The history, development and method of application of each technique is discussed and illustrated, while additional papers explore practical and theoretical aspects of colour matching. The three sections of this book (Egg tempera retouching, Resin retouching and Retouching complex surfaces) contain material presented at three separate workshops organised by the Paintings Group of the Institute of Conservation (Icon) and the British Association of Painting Conservators-Restorers (BAPCR) and held at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London.

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