HTT 210 Week 2 Assignment Travel Marketing Brochure

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For more course tutorials visit Due Date: Day 7 [post to the Individual forum] In order to plan a trip for your target group in Week Nine, you must market potential vacation destinations and activities that appeal to them. Appeal is based on the demographics and motivational characteristics of your group. Resources: Ch. 3 of Travel and Tourism: An Industry Primer, HP Web site, Appendix C, and Tri-fold Brochure Template Select a target group for whom you plan a trip in your final project. Write a 200- to 300-word summary describing your target group. Include a description of the following characteristics: o Motive for traveling (See Table 3.1, p. 67) o Age group (See Table 3.2, p. 69) o Household income (See Table 3.3, p. 71) o Lifestyle dimension (See Table 3.4, p. 76) o Psychographics (See Table 3.5, p. 81) Include examples of destinations and activities that appeal to your target group based upon their characteristics. Read the Determine Your Hook, Gather Your Facts section and the Use Graphics, Color, and Contrast section of the HP Web site at to learn about the components included in a brochure. Create a travel marketing brochure based on the components described on the HP Web site. o Remember the brochure must grab the target group’s attention. Try to convince your target group to take a vacation based on their characteristics and the destinations and activities promoted in your brochure. o Create your brochure using the Tri-fold Brochure Template located under the Week Two Materials section of your student Web page, any Microsoft® Word document, or one of the templates posted on the Microsoft® Office Online Web site at

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