Leslie's Civil War Journal

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! of ! 26 Lincoln’s Press Conference May 25, 1861 !  Today I attended a press brieng in which President Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus in the border states of Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware. Habeas Corpus is a basic civil right that states that someone must be charged with a crime and have a trial before they are thrown in jail. Now without this right Lincoln could throw anyone in jail without a crime and trial. President Lincoln used the suspension of Habeas Corpus to put John Merryman in jail. Mr. Merryman is a Maryland secessionist, someone who wants the state to secede, and he tried to encourage people to leave the Union. Since Habeas Corpus has been suspended Lincoln threw him in jail, no crime, no trial. Is this legal? Can our president suspend a basic civil right in order to keep states in the Union? In my opinion desperate times call for desperate measures and this was a a correct procedure.  ! 
 Maryland secessionist, John Merryman