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! 2 The island inhabitants relies on the ocean for everyday resources. The main resource was the food that the oceans wildlife provided. At first I pondered whether or not seafood would be a factor in the people’s diets, and oh boy is it. As I tasted the cuisines that were served by locals I knew that many of the people on the islands lives would change if seafood was not available. From fish satay to crab meat spring rolls the local foods are infused with element from the sea that are not replaceable. Not only are these foods unique but the locals adore them it’s like taking pasta or pizza away from Italy it wouldn’t even be Italy anymore. The locals rely on the ocean for their everyday foods much more than others in the world, which is why there is hardly any cases of dynamite fishing. Because as they say happy wife happy lif-uh, I mean happy seas happy dreams. The ocean doesn’t only provide a source of food but also professions. From the average fisherman to diving instructors the population of Gili Air is related to the ocean on some level. If you’re not a diver or surfer than your a cook or ship worker. The majority of jobs on the islands come from the ocean and for that the people of Lombok are grateful to be surrounded by the deep blue. They care for the ocean unlike Bali and other tourist get a ways. When I go to Bali I can’t wait to leave, but when I went to Lombok I couldn’t wait to comeback here again. This is because I feel relaxed in Lombok. I feel that I can be entertained while doing the simplest of things. The ocean is so clean and humans don’t overpopulate the beaches of Gili air like they do in Bali. I can see more than 100feet of water and there won’t be any trash. Yet when I go to Bali the crowd is enormous making it hard to catch a breath and the water looks like the inside of a toilet. Uh...don’t ask me how I know that. Co l ecting Corals and Seaweed for Bio - rock - Copyright Brian Lamb

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