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Page 2 News from Primary School It was lovely to see so many of you attending the Class concerts on Thursday afternoon. I am sure that you will agree that the students did a fantastic job. The singing and performances were so confident and there were lots of opportunities for soloists to perform too. This has certainly kick started a very busy but very enjoyable Winter season of performances. A big thank you to Miss Donaldson and Mr Coleman for helping to put together this concert. Also many thanks to you, as parents, for coming to support the students. We have Mikulas to look forward to next week, when primary students will be in for a few surprise visits to the classroom! The following week, we will be having the KS1 and EY performances. Rehearsals are well underway for the EY, KS1 and KS2 Christmas performances. Please do keep your eye on the calendar so that you do not miss these lovely events. The weather has cooled drastically in the last few days. Could I please ask that you send your children to school with appropriate outdoor clothing – warm coats, hats, gloves and scarves. We do like to ensure that the children get fresh air, even on these cooler days, so it is essential that they are dressed appropriately. A quick reminder that all these items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name to help us ensure that things do not go missing. Enjoy a pleasant (if chilly!) weekend. Best regards Vikki Alden Developing our security Dear Parents As you know we have been working on further developing our security in the school and as I mentioned previously, we are now looking to update the passes for parents so that each of you has a unique identifying pass for the school. This will be for an individual family and each card will have pictures of all those who you authorise to pick up your children (so it could include grandparents, drivers, nannies etc). What we need to make this work is for you to upload a picture for each of the people you would allow to pick up your child and we will do the rest. The uploads can be done via Moodle and Mr Lawlor has written clear instructions below. I think this is a very good system and will certainly support us in ensuring the safety of all our children Best regards Stephen INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Login to Moodle 2. Navigate to the Parents essential section 3. Click on the PARENT PHOTO UPLOAD LINK beneath the parent photos at the top of the page 4. Read the requirements section at the top of the new screen 5. Click on the ADD SUBMISSION button

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