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0203 Help to Buy Not just or frst time buyers! With the Government-backed Help to Buy* scheme, you could buy a new home with 5% deposit. You’ll get an equity loan rom the Government worth up to 20% o your new home, which means you only need to secure a 75% mortgage. You own 100% o your home rom day one. The scheme is open to both frst time buyers and people who are looking to move on rom their existing home, and is available on new homes in England worth up to £600,000. So relax, because buying a new home could be easier and more aordable than you thought! You 5% Deposit £10,000 Help to Buy 20% Loan £40,000 Lender 75% Mortgage £150,000 Taylor Wimpey 100% Dream home Here’s how Help to Buy* could work on a home worth £200,000 Mortgage guarantee scheme If the Help to Buy equity loan doesn’t appeal to you, why not consider the NewBuy mortgage guarantee scheme, which allows you to buy a new home with a 95% mortgage? With this scheme, the Government will underwrite your mortgage, making it possible for you to get affordable interest rates on a high loan to value mortgage. So you can buy a new home with just 5% deposit. † H elp to Buy The Help to Buy scheme is designed to help purchasers in a whole range o circumstances to aord their ideal home – including those with a property to sell. Because you only need a 5% deposit, having limited equity in your current place needn’t be an obstacle to your dream move. Ater viewing more than 200 properties in search o their dream home, Gareth and Xenia Davis eared they’d never be able to fnd their perect match or the right price. But all that changed when they discovered the Weavers Gate development in Melksham, Wiltshire – and thanks to the Help to Buy scheme, their long search was suddenly heading towards a happy ending! The couple ell in love with the spacious our bedroom ‘Thornord’ detached house at this popular development. Although they were at frst concerned that such an impressive amily home would be out o their reach, they were delighted to discover it was within their budget through Help to Buy. Because Help to Buy gives frst-time buyers and those with a property to sell the chance to secure their new home with a lower deposit and loan-to-value mortgage, purchasers using the scheme oten fnd they can aord a larger home than they might otherwise have expected. It came as a huge boost or Gareth and Xenia, who are now loving lie in their new Taylor Wimpey home with their children Emily (11) and Vladislav (6). Gareth Davis explains how Help to Buy gave his family the chance to step up the property ladder. Help to Buy helped me move to a larger home! “Help to Buy was a great help to us and we are so pleased with the house – we probably wouldn’t be able to aord a property this big but the assistance o Help to Buy meant we could. “When we saw the ‘Thornord’, everything ell into place – it was the right house in the right location at the right price. We all really love it.” Artist’s impression of Taylor Wimpey’s Somerdale development in Keynsham. Artist’s impression of Taylor Wimpey’s Thornford housetype at Weavers Gate. Say’s Gareth.

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