Rudy Romano MBA

Rudy Romano MBA

I’m in real estate, but business is my profession! From the time I was a 12-year old kid, my parents instilled a “to the walls” work ethic that I’ve carried throughout my career. My clients quickly discover the difference between me and the average real estate agent is, I always have a plan for making them successful and I’m forward thinking, watching trends – because I understand their business, not just real estate.

A Master’s degree in finance helps me think like a banker, meaning I crunch numbers ahead of time, so clients know if this is the right deal for them; there are few surprises. Professionals, commercial land developers and residential customers alike trust me to negotiate and customize a deal for them – basically get the job done. I have mastered the art of buying low as a buyer’s agent, selling high when representing the seller, and I know how to be creative in my client’s real estate transactions.

However, it’s my love for my family, my passion for the outdoors, raw land and building things that are my driving forces and keep me balanced. I’m not the agent for everyone. But if a client wants an agent who will tell them the absolute truth, craft the deal before it is presented – and a partner who will align their priorities with the client’s priorities, you should contact me.

Professional. Experienced. Efficient. Rudy Romano, Realtor®