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Page 2 OUTREACH OUTREACH The Cross Current The outreach committee of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross is a small but commit- ted group. We have a few recurring projects that we take on during the course of the year. Many of these projects require our congregation to give up only a few hours at a time, but the rewards from these projects will give us back much more, in the good that we do and in how we feel about ourselves as a church. The Food Pantry which is capably run by Sam Wyse falls under the auspices of the Out- reach committee but is actually it own separate entity. The food pantry distributes food boxes to at least 71 families on the last Saturday of each month. The only changes are for November and December when we want to get the boxes out earlier so that the families are able to supply a special meal for their families. The needs of the food pantry take many forms. Sam always needs warm bodies to inven- tory, pack and help distribute the meals. Donations are tight in some months especially over sum- mer and extra supplies are always welcomed for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hagar’s House is another endeavor that Holy Cross has been a part of for many years. Ha- gar’s House is a women’s and children’s shelter ran by the Decatur Cooperative Ministry (DCM). We are one of 38 congregations that provide assistance at Hagar’s House. Twice yearly for a week at a time, in November and now in June, Holy Cross provides and serves dinner to the moth- ers and children at the shelter. A crew of about 4-6 individuals serve food to and join in fellowship at the shelter each night. Our dates for this year will be November 9 to November 15, so please look at your calendars and see which day you can help. You will not be alone, so don’t be afraid to sign up when asked. Our newest outreach program is now in its third year. A few years ago this writer asked Fa- ther Jemmott if he was doing a Thanksgiving mass, he said that he wasn’t but that he had been asked the same question by many people. He said that his wish for that day was for us to serve the local community instead. From that conversation our Annual Thanksgiving meal was born. On Thanksgiving Day 2012 we served up our first meal. In 2013 we served or delivered approximately 120 meals. We even delivered a space heater to a family who had no heat. We would like to continue this tradition this year. Starting this year we will also be delivering box lunches to Hagar’s House residents. Your participation is also needed in this venture. We will need turkeys, sides, des- serts, servers, packers and delivery people. We always have a good time and you can help even though you may be out of town or have your own families visiting. One limited outreach we have now is that we are collecting supplies for people who are impacted by the Ebola virus in Africa. Supplies are needed to help with control of the spread of this deadly disease. There is a barrel in the narthex. The items most needed are gloves, masks, bar- rier gowns, Dial antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, and Clorox disinfecting wipes. PLEASE DO NOT PUT FOODSTUFFS OR CLOTHES IN THE BARREL! If you have any questions about the outreach committee or would like to be part of this committee, please contact the writer, Paula Murray Krueger at or at 770 314 -4666 Submitted by: Paula Murray-Krueger

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