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Platform Save the Tua integrates local, development and environmental NGO and wine producing companies Members: AAVRT, ALDEIA, COAGRET, FAPAS, GAIA, GEOTA, LPN, Muxagat, Quercus, Quinta dos Murças, SPEA Address: Trav. Moinho de Vento, 17-c/v drtª, 1200 ‐ 727 Lisboa Portugal Email: Telef: 962507935 Fax: 213956120 As shown in Figure 1, the corridor adopted (option 2SM) crosses right through the heart of the ADWR ; it has a total of 39.7 km, all inside the ADWR property or within the buffer zone. Figure 1 — Location of alternatives studied for the Foz Tua power line (bright colour and black lines) in relation to the Alto Douro Wine Region core and buffer zones (dull pink and purple double lines). Source: ECOBASE 2013. The decision taken by the Portuguese State is nothing but incomprehensible, since it does not comply with express requests set by UNESCO two years ago (cf. WHC/IUCN/ICOMOS 2012): The project for the power line is still not finalised. The mission recommends that a line with a minimal impact onto the WH property should be adopted. The potential visual impact of the various options needs to be evaluated formally and the preferred option submitted to the World Heritage Centre for appraisal. (Conclusions, p. 36) The mission team strongly recommends to not cross the Alto Douro World Heritage property or to use an existing line: plans need to be carefully reviewed (Comments and recommendations, p. 54).

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