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2 – NOVEMBER 3 TO NOVEMBER 18, 2014 NEWS Mum’s the word with Susan Allen Smoke-Free New Zealand October in New Zealand has been rebranded as Stoptober, a nationwide cam- paign urging smokers to quit the habit in conjunction with other policies to see New Zealand smoke-free by 2025. Do these cam- paigns actually work? What is the allure of smoking? Is the government going too far? I have smoked off and on through the years. Curiously enough my parents were smok- ers and I remember hating it. What is the allure of smoking besides the obvious physical nicotine addiction? I think this is surprisingly easy to answer. It seems for teenagers it is a form of rebel- lion that on the surface has little consequence; a statement that you are in the counter culture. In fact, in New Zealand the most effective non-smoking ads that have targeted teenagers have featured sports stars and musicians. As we get older it is a reward, after com- pleting a task and a time out. It becomes part of our daily ritual. Academic research suggests that these campaigns are effective although they cost around 5.5 million per year. The government has stated the goal of New Zealand being smoke free by 2025. This goal is to be met by anti-smoking campaigns, programs to help people stop, and making cigarettes so astro- nomically expensive you will need a second job to keep smoking, ultimately everything short of making tobacco illegal. I have doubts as to whether a country can be smoke-free. In fact, I think if you push too hard to eliminate a substance it will only create more issues. Yes, smoking is bad. Everyone knows this, but other attempts at banning a substance have gone very wrong: the implications (rise of gangs) of prohibition in the 1930’s in the USA come to mind. Also, many feel the “war on drugs” has been a tre- mendous failure. I  nd myself wondering what about alcohol or unhealthy foods, surely these are just as detrimental and where will it end? There are a lot of arguments about an indi- vidual’s freedom to destroy their health as they see  t. However, when the government is paying the bill for healthcare their interest in the pub- lics’ well-being is obviously more intense. Ultimately though, I have quit smoking, as it is a great move health-wise and more sig- ni  cantly a waste of money, but I feel bitter about it as if it was not my decision, but rather a parent telling me that I am not allowed ciga- rettes anymore. Date and principal sponsor set for 2015 Sport Wellington has announced a major partnership with the award win- ning Wellington Round the Bays event and leading insurance provider Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand Ltd as well as the date for 2015. Cigna Round the Bays will take place on Sunday, 22 nd February 2015 with registrations open- ing on Monday, 3 rd November 2014. Wellington-based Cigna has a strong af  nity with the communities in which Round the Bays operates and the part- nership  ts well with the company’s focus on health and wellbeing. “The Round the Bays fun run is a fantastic day of family fun and  tness, and we’re delighted to partner with Sport Wellington to continue bring- ing this event to the community” says Cigna CEO Lance Walker. “Round the Bays will be Cigna’s big- gest sponsorship. The event sits well with our commitment to support Kiwis in making good life decisions regard- ing their health, wellbeing and sense of security” says Lance. Sport Wellington CEO Phil Gibbons says the Round the Bays team received an overwhelming response from a vari- ety of organisations interested in spon- sorship. Phil says “Cigna have come to the table with a strong set of values that match our own, and a number of great ideas regarding the direction of the event. We are very excited to have established this new relationship with Cigna.” “To see a world renowned organisa- tion such as Cigna keen to get behind the event and give back to the community is fantastic. We are looking forward to delivering the 2015 event and working towards our mutual goal of building an active and healthy community, together.” “With any new partnership comes fresh ideas and new opportunities so the Round the Bays team is really look- ing forward to creating an even better event experience in 2015.” say Event Director James King. This year over 14,000 people took part in the iconic event which included a 6.5km fun run, 10km and half marathon, all of which started at Frank Kitts Park and ended at Kilbirnie Park. Upon opening this year, registrations reached 500 within 60 minutes and surpassed the targeted 1000 within a matter of hours. The event also raised over $50,000 for the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research. While the Wellington fun run has been occurring since 1978, Sport Wellington took ownership in 1999. Since inheriting the event, Sport Wellington has overseen an 814% growth in the number of par- ticipants. The event has seen consecutive sell outs since 2012 and has grown to be New Zealand’s third largest sport and recreation event. With the hugely popular event being sold out in recent years, people are encouraged to register early to secure their positions at the starting line. For a condential discussion please phone Sue Bennett 027 278 8026 or email Bennett Realty MREINZ FOR SALE Rest Home and Hospital Opportunities Available throughout New Zealand Rosemary Cleator Phone (06) 368 9833 145 Gladstone Road, Levin 5571. Email: We cater for all your dogs needs Rosemary Cleator Phone (06) 368 9833 145 Gladstone Road, Levin 5571. Email: We cater for all your dogs needs  Boarding - AssureQuality Approved  Dog Grooming - all dogs catered for  Puppy Preschool (6 - 16 weeks)  Dog Training - domestic to competitive  Pet Shop - wide range of reasonably priced dog goods  Dog food - stockists of Nutro and Royal Canin If you are a health professional or anyone considering Health Sciences Postgraduate study in 2015 come and meet our staff* to discuss your many options. *Staff available from 12noon-2.00pm and 4.30pm-6.30pm Wednesday 29 October and Tuesday 11 November, 2014 University of Otago, Wellington 23a Mein Street Newtown Wellington FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON POSTGRADUATE STUDY: Tel 04 385 5543 Email "Don't drive faster than your angels can  y"

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