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S1.4 Long Term Project Overhauled


Published on December 2, 2014

Banking, Investing and Insurance Long-term Project Teacher: Annette M. Williams Office: 706-748-4029 Email: Room 1438 portfolio grade will be averaged, and each student in the group will receive the averaged grade . The group making the highest profit will receive 5 bonus points added to their final grade. The group receiving the highest points for portfolio maintenance will also receive 5 bonus points added to their final grade. Resources Where do you start? Listed below are some internet sites, feel free to use others and you may use the business section of any newspaper which provides information on your investment options. / On each site, you will have to enter the stock symbol to do the search. Portfolio Components 1. A report cover 2. An attractive cover sheet stating the Company name and each student member’s name , name of project, name of class, and name of teacher, plus anything else the student thinks is appropriate. 3. An information sheet on the company, including its name, its business, the products/services the company handles, the exchange (ex. NYSE) the company is a part of, the name of the stock, bond, mutual fund, the purchase price when the investment option was bought and/or sold , the 52 week high and low of the investment option when it was purchase, and the 52 week high and low of the investment option at the end of the project (blank forms will be provided). Note: Each investment group must also submit a group transaction sheet of all the options purchased as well as sold 4. A stock, bond, mutual fund journal or transaction sheet/s – total purchase must tally up to amount designated by the group. (Blank sheets will be provided). 5. Plotting/graph paper with information legend (ex. weeks horizontally and price vertically) and trend line showing the price changes over time (blank graph/plotting paper will be provided). 6. Articles from newspaper, magazine, internet, etc… used to research the companies your company invested in (must invest in more than one company). 7. A one-page summary explaining what was learned from the project, any problems encountered with the project , an evaluation of how you as well as the group did overall (profit/loss), and why do you think your group ended up with the result that it did .

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