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Keep it simple Get the basics right Work as one team Give great service Saety and environment People Proft Perormance Customer 2 E mployee ‘voice’ has been on my mind recently. I travel around the network speaking to colleagues requently, and I’m always interested in the conversations you’re having on Facebook. But collecting those views in a planned way that gives everyone the chance to be heard is really hard or a business o this size. That’s why the Employee Survey is so important. Last year we didn’t get as high a response rate as we wanted – everyone should grab the opportunity to make their voice count. It takes around 15 minutes to complete the survey, and the results inorm the decisions we make about the uture o the business. BEING HEARD The survey happens once a year, but I want employee involvement to be part o the way we do things in Northern. There are some great things happening to make sure you are getting involved already. One o those things is the Northern Crowd – read about this employee group on p6 and put your hand up to get involved. Another way is the new employee reward and recognition scheme, Pride o Northern, launching in November. Employees at all levels are being asked to be part o the judging process to help choose the winners and recognise their peers – fnd out how to get involved on p7. And fnally, the new employee website has a name... The Shed ! Well done to Lee Revil, Driver rom Darlington , who came up with the winning name. The process or deciding this was driven by you (another great example o employee voice), 155 suggestions were sent in, and almost 400 employees voted on the top ten to select this winner.” Contents Welcome Perormance 3 Proft People 4 5 Saety and environment Customer satisaction 16 18 from Alex H y nes “ How are we doing? Our headline business results to date are: Your Northern is designed and produced by scarlettabbott | scarlettabbott.co.uk Printed on FSC accredited paper stock. Please recycle your mag when you’ve fnished reading! 3 Perormance T his achievement is a major milestone in the overall programme and it did not come without challenges. But many colleagues pulled together and, by working as one team, we got the basics right. “As things stand, we are currently on track or introducing electric train services in early 2015,” says Pat Beijer, Head o Strategic Development. “A key step towards that was the successul testing o one o the Class 319 units at Allerton in September.” Reurbished trains with a new livery are expected to arrive rom Wolverton in November and driver training has already begun. Other announcements about improvements we’re making will be made soon... so watch this space or urther updates. Electrifying 6 Keep an eye out for our principles showing how we’re working towards ‘a railway the North can be proud of’. The North West electrifcation programme continues – and the great news is that Allerton Depot is now energised. progress READY FOR A MAKEOVER – CLASS 319 UNITS DURING TESTING AT ALLERTON DEPOT THE NORTHERN CROWD Show us your Mo! We want to hear about your great Movember undraising eorts. Email yournorthern@ northernrail.org Y ou told us that the BlackBerrys you had were no longer ft or purpose; so, ater extensive research, we selected the Samsung phones as a replacement. I you currently have a BlackBerry, this will be swapped soon – a timetable has been sent out to all colleagues. Plus, look out or posters around the business with top tips on how to get the most rom your phone. “The new phones are great,” says Beverley Kerr, Customer Communications Manager, who took part in the pilot. “It took a while to get used to, but now I’m really pleased with how it works. It is making my job much easier, especially the internet access.” We’ve been busy rolling out the great new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini phones to colleagues across the business. Upwardly mobile I you have any questions about the new phones, email myandroid@ northernrail.org News fash 3 Your Northern 2

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