Career Exploration Project

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I’m interested in the Veterinary career field. I want to be a veterinarian technician. The career I am interested in, involves animals and caring and treating them. It’s similar to a doctor and a nurse, where I’m interested in being the nurse. Being a vet tech would require me to set up the surgical room before a surgery, give vaccinations to the pets, care for the pets in the hospital or clinic, assist the doctor in any way he/she needs and etc. Specific skills I would need include patients, communication skills, listening skills, confidence in myself, the ability to learn quickly, and ability to work with others as a team. In a career I’m looking to do something I’m passionate in doing and enjoy. I also look for the money since I want a successful future for myself as well as the family I hope for, but the main thing is something I’m passionate in doing and enjoy doing on a daily basis. I would prefer to look forward to going to work every day rather that dreading it. My long-term career goals are to become a Veterinarian Technician at a specialist animal hospital and continue to learn and grow within the career. I think a Vet Tech fits me because its something I enjoy and love. I’ve always had a love for animals for as long as I can remember. According to the personality code assignment, this job wouldn’t fit me, but I know it does because it’s what I’ve always wanted to be for as long as I can remember. Working with animals is something I will always enjoy doing. My strengths in regards to this career are my communication skills, ability to learn quickly, having a passion for animals, and ability to work with others. My weaknesses would include not being confident in myself in certain situations, I’m not very patient, and science isn’t necessarily my strongest subject. Where will you receive your education or training? Part I: Introduction

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