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Distribution Adelante's print run is currently at 6,000, and it is distributed free of charge through area stores, news stands, schools and community centers. Distribution Points: Five local churches with high Latino/multicultural population. Intermediate school district which funnels to 12 community school districts, including Parent Resource Centers, Chicano Clubs and Board of Education contacts. Specifically distributed to Latino- owned and/or operated restaurants and stores such as Aldacos, Tres Amigos, Pablos Panaderia and others. On the campus of the local community college (Lansing Community College). Two major local hospital systems Community organizations such as Ingham Country Mental Health, Lansing Police Department, Lansing School District Parent Center, the MSU-based Samora Research Institute, Lucero program at LCC, Cristo Rey Community Center, and Lansing City Hall. Through news stands at retail outlets throughout the tri-county area. Our Team: Adelante Forward is a decade-old publication founded by Dr. Saturnino “Nino” Rodriguez, formerly of Lansing Schools and Michigan State University. Current owner/publisher is Lansing native Ms. Vivian Rodriguez. Managing editorial services are provided by Allena Tapia of GardenWall Publications. Adelante trusts our graphics to Danny Layne, and contracts with Collado Translations for English<>Spanish translation. Print copy verification can be obtained from our esteemed printer services: BRD of Lansing.