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Dear Mallory, Victoria Arnold here. As you might know, I am a well known advice consultant and CEO of Arnold Enterprises, a firm started to help peo- ple in crisis and offer helpful solutions. The philosophy that keeps my business at a 90% success rate is accredited to The Prince, a work by the late Niccolò Machiavelli. I am here to help you clinch your ac- ceptance to Yale. I have vast experience in helping other potential Ivy League candidates such as yourself into their dream school. I have counseled many people including Adam Burke who was accepted in- to Yale and Sally Ferror who went to Princeton and graduated top of her class. My alma mater is Yale and I have worked in the admission offices of several Ivy League colleges. Now you are so close to getting your acceptance letter to Yale, but the one thing standing in your way is not being senior class president. This advice given will help you appeal to your classmates as the better candidate for class president, win the election and be able to say hello to Yale. Best of luck. Sincerely, Victoria Arnold

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