Audible Intelligence Music

Audible Intelligence Music

Audible Intelligence Music, LLC is an online music publishing company offering entry to advanced level programs for Concert Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Solo & Ensemble. Our writers have excellent reputations as composers and arrangers and have been writing for elementary through college ensembles for many years.

We hope you find these pieces helpful in developing your program as we are sure that your students will enjoy playing these wonderful new compositions.

Our new band method book, In The Zone, teaches students how to read music through:
Skill Builders, ​​​​Long Tones, ​​​​Slurs, Scales, Technique, Chorales, Theory, Note Reading, Piano Keyboard, Key Signatures, Notation, Time Signatures, Transpositions, Dynamics, Scale Spelling, Terms and Symbols, Rhythm, Songs, Rounds, Trios, Jazz songs, Jazz soloing, ​Composers.

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