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2 Editor’s Note Reaching out to new clientele can be a dicult process or anybody, so the ocus o this issue is to display the ner points o getting your name out to the public. Reaching out to the people in a simple and vibrant way can be well accepted when trying to establish a new relationship. These relationships created can become reliable clients or years to come. In the Internet age, it’s rare to nd someone who isn’t connected to the online world in some way, so reaching out to this orm o communication can end up being very lucrative or any business. Improving your business’ online ootprint is a must when reaching out to the public. In this issue, you’ll nd some ideas to help grow your online presence. The online business updates mentioned in this issue are sure to help steer you in the right direction. A key piece to attracting new clients is to associate your business with attractive signs and vibrant pictures. These are appealing to the eye and will draw in viewers or at least a rst look. This rst look could mean a uture customer, which is ultimately the goal. Underneath it all, how well you run you business is the most important actor to how well your business will perorm. The most efective orm o advertisement is word o mouth so ofering the best possible service will translate to the growth o your customer population. Listening to your client, as well as ofering your proessional knowledge can go a long way in the client’s mind. I hope this issue ofers you some insight and ideas on what you can do to urther improve your business. Let me know i there are specic topics you would like to see in uture issues! Contact Me! Feel ree to contact me i you have questions or would like your peers added to the distribution list.

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