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with effort. Comments with additional notes are of course welcome. Following Discussion ( stop following ) | edit post | delete post | unmake sticky Responses (25 of 25) VERYFREEWILL: 11 months ago | report | options As a medical guy I strongly agree with all of the above and add that one should avoid constricting nooses in favor of atter (2 inch / 5cm/ or wider ) padded dog collars with an easy snap for safety release ... The pet store is a good source of dog collars and other things that can be re tasked for high kink . The lucky rope dancer need not be more than on tip toes to experience the pleasures of the noose and creative games can be structured around this approach . High heals can be quite sexy and useful too. For drama sake some like the linching technique where one is pulled up and off the ground, I suggest that the boat stores have high quality blocks and tackles that are quality and allow for what is called purchase ( a 200 lb. /90kg/ lucky rope dancer can be easily hoisted 1 inch /2.5 cm/ with a 4 inch or /10 cm pull of only 50 lbs. or ~23 kg pull) . this also tends to avoid the sudden jerk in favor of a rm gradual hoist. It also provides absolute control of the up and down play ( this can substantially increase the time and drama ! ) An added extra is that a hoist and non constrictive nose ( ideally with a quick release snap option ) allow the rope master a way of lowering the dancer to the oor gradually and with out the injury's associated wit just letting them free fall. The mechanical safety can easily be enhanced , what is hard is nding a play partner. In 3 decades of play I've only been lucky enough to nd a half dozen. Since the greatest danger is impulsively playing alone we must nd ways of hooking up , FetLife is a good idea, however unless your in a big city partners are few and very far between. I would appreciate any suggestions as I'm not the only one looking, and we as a community must do better.

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