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Once Upon a Time, Deep in a Steamy Jade Jungle Rainforest... Captain Cockroach Caboodle Removes His Bug-Stained Fedora From off His Head, And Wipes the Slimy Swithering Sweat from Between His Two Antenna Feelers. Now It May Surprise You That Cockroaches Sweat… Let me Assure You That They Do, They Really Do! Why Has Captain Cockroach Caboodle Been Swinging from Tree to Tree… Turning Over Every Mossy Rock and Every Rotten Log… Talking to Every Awful Insect and Ugly Bug in This Hot and Steamy, Dying and Decaying, Frightful Critter Infested Jungle? Why? I’ll Tell You Why… Because of His Burning Desire to Find the Most Amazing Treasure that Could Possibly Be Found By Any Crawling Creature