Summer Read: Matched

September 26, 2013  |  By  | 

This story is a sad one of a girl who lives in a society who exists long after ours. In this Society, the head officials decide everything over people's lives and monitor them all the time. Also they get to make important decisions in your life like what your are destined to work as and who you will marry. Well, Cassia Reyes is Matched to her best friend Xander and then to a guy name Ky who is an aberration in this society. When she sees this she is confused because it was clearly a mistake and the Society never makes mistakes. An official tells her that the microcard was wrong and to only tell her grandfather who is supposed to die that week (everyone dies at 80). She tells him and he gives her a poem that is forbidden which tells her to doubt and make her own decisions. After he dies, she starts a new activity, Hiking, because in this society they eliminated everything that we used to do that destroyed our planet. During this new summe leisure activity they have Ky and her began to talk and she realizes he's not like everyone else. He knows how to WRITE! This is something that was prohibited since they all used scribes and portals. Not only that, but he knew how to write his own words and even taught her how to write her name in cursive. In this society no one could write their own words. Everything was prewritten. There she starts to become acquainted to Ky through hiking and in the end starts loving him. She sees him so different and follows her grandfathers advice of making her own decisions. However, the decisions that she makes cost her a lot like her artifact which was from her Grandmother is taken away by the officials as well as everyone's artifacts. The climax of the story happens when some officials take her to the place where Ky works which is filthy and tell her to sort the good workers from the bad ones. She chooses him as a good worker and he is moved to a nother place far from where she lives. Not only that, but her mom's honesty makes them get demoted to a lower class borough with a harder working place. This time she uses Ky's artifact the compass, to find him. The story ends in her deciding to leave Xander whom she also loves for Ky whom she chooses to love. It finishes with her planting some seeds in a low class place, Farmlands, and thinking of Ky and how determined she is to find him. The moral of it is to make your own decisions no matter what the "society" tells you to do. Even if it cost Cassia a great price to love Ky instead of loving Xander (whom was chosen for her to love), she did it because it's what she wanted. She had never had that because in her society they choose everything for them even their meals everyday. This relates to my life in the fact that I have turned down many people that society considers "acceptable" and "popular" for people that I want to know, are interesting, genuine, and smart. Also, I have made my own decisions like choosing to go to the military which many people discourage for women. This book inspired me to keep on making my own decisions even if they cost me a price because the ride and the mystery will be worth it.

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