Section 5-Lesson Plans 1-5

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LESSON PLAN #1 - Safety and Communications Exterior Operations Level Fire Fighter Lesson Goal After completing this topic assignment of Safety and Communications, the Fire Fighter shall be able to discuss how Safety and Communications is important to the aspects of the Exterior Operations Level Fire Fighter. Objectives JPR Fire Fighter Skill 5.1.1 General Knowledge Requirements The organization of the fire department; the role of the Fire Fighter I in the organization; the mission of fire service; the fire department’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), and rules and regulations as they apply to the Fire Fighter I; the value of fire and life safety initiatives in support of the fire department mission and to reduce fire fighter line-of- duty injuries and fatalities; the role of other agencies as they relate to the fire department; aspects of the fire department’s member assistance program; the importance of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle to the performance of the duties of a fire fighter; the critical aspects of NFPA1500 Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program. 5.1.2 General Skill Requirements The ability to don personal protective clothing, doff personal protective clothing, and prepare for reuse, hoist tools and equipment using ropes and the correct knot, and locate information in departmental documents and standard or code materials. 5.2 Fire Department Communications This duty shall involve initiating responses, receiving telephone calls, and using fire department communications equipment to correctly relay verbal or written information, according to the JPRs in 5.2.1 through 5.2.4. BCFTOA © 2014 1

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