Corrine McRee

Corrine McRee


Healthy GC Pro If you are wanting to come up with a healthy diet and exercise plan, talk to your doctor. They will let you know if there are things you should avoid due to certain medical conditions. Sometimes, you'll find that you're gaining weight due to a physical problem. A doctor's diagnosis can possibly prevent months of disappointment.Try to keep your portions under control to ensure sustained weight loss. Smaller, more frequent meals have been shown to help people take control of their weight. This will allow you to look and feel better. You'll enjoy increased energy levels and have fewer problems with your health.Before you eat that slice of pizza, try removing some of the grease with a paper napkin. Pizza can be a healthier choice than many fast foods. But try to eat pizza that has lower fat content than the fast foods you are avoiding.The more fat that you convert to muscle, the better your body will burn calories immediately following a workout. If your body is predominantly muscle, you can burn more calories while going about your daily activities. Try strength training two or three times per week to strengthen your muscles.

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