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Sales Card OS Places address data quality tools Tackling PAF objections Intro Statement OS Places address API’s are business tools that enable customers to make the most out of Ordnance Survey data. Capture & Veri fication is an API (Application Programming Interface) that can easily be integrated as an address web form for websites, call centre systems and for hooking into internal software solutions. The Matching & Cleansing API cleans addresses that already exist in a database. PAF solution providers are great for SMEs that deal with small volume of customers, but that is not the solution for big business and organisations because it lacks critical information. Business intelligence (BI) systems and their supporting data warehouses are only as good as the data that goes into them. And if you aren’t properly handling the BI data integration process, your end users -- and ultimately, your organization -- may be in for trouble. • Take banks, a single customer view would save money and time, add value to the brand through improved customer service, and give bank staff better information when making decisions about providing financial products. • A single customer view is easier with OS Places address APIs because of the UPRN and property status. • A UPRN stays with an address throughout its life, which means when customer information travels around massive organisations it can easily be validated against our web service. • PAF alone makes 1.3 million changes to PAF each year, so if your PAF provider or software isn’t updated, your organisation’s address data will degrade significantly. • AddressBase Premium will contain all PAF by Summer 2014. PAF is missing crucial information; • There are a significant number of property records (11 Million more) that simply don’t exist within Royal Mail’s Postal Address File (PAF ). • Significant industrial building, such as the Sony building off the M3 may not get post delivered there, so no PAF record exists. • A utility company will need to know its Local Authority Address and so would an insurance company and of course emergency services. PAF address data is good enough for businesses.

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