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Math is fun!, that’s why i like to teach mathematics. By learning math we know the basic of science, we know how to work accurately, and we know how to play with numbers!. My name is Diarani Ariesta Wulandari and now i’m teaching grade XI students.
Usually people will think that mathematics is complicated lesson. But i would like to call this case as “math is a challenge”. So, as a math teacher I’m really curious to find some ideas to make students enjoying in learning math. Study about math is not only staying focused at class and listening the explanations all the time. Me and my students also likes to have some games, creating math’s crafts, singing the songs and even playing a role of drama!
As an alumni from Diponegoro University majoring Mathematics Science, i am so enthusiastic to introduce the students about technology in mathematics and show them that Math is easy to be understood. Therefore, beside theories and questions practice, i introduce them mathematical computer’s programs such as Maple and SPSS. They really like to explore for this programs since it shows that mathematics actually is easy. I hope students in SMAN Sumatera selatan can be one step a head from other schools in empowering math and they will have ideas in the future to create more mathematics programs .Let’s make Math Enjoyable!. Go Mathematics!