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Down-Under in Darwin, Beauty with Perfection


Published on November 23, 2014

Down-Under in Darwin, Beauty with Perfection November 24, 2014 Katherineception? ! " After a couple of days, we continued out to the Katherine Gorge. There, we enjoyed some swimming and experienced a beautiful kayaking trip. When we arrived at the checkpoint with our kayaks, we hiked through dull rocks for a couple of minutes in order to reach the designated swimming zone. The water was so refreshing; it was cold and felt clean. Katherine Gorge's   rusted coloured rocks met the aquamarine water dramatically, yet beautifully. The atmosphere was quiescent, along with the leaess trees that stood alone. After returning our kayaks, we met up with Evo. He started to talk about the gorge caustically, "So here; we have the Katherine River that runs through the Katherine Gorge, which is near the city of Katherine. Such creative names huh mate?" Katherineception much? Almost like a dream within a dream, just a Katherine within a Katherine. Katherine Gorge is beautiful and contains the best swim areas and kayaking service for everyone to enjoy thoroughly. " " " Falling forever ! " Whilst on our last day touring, we headed into Litcheld National Park. The plan for today was to visit the Tjaynera Falls (Sandy Creek), and Wangi falls. Sandy Creek falls was amazing, the cooling water mixed with the sickening-black rocks creates a feeling of relaxation. After an hour of swimming and jumping off the rocks, we continued over to Wangi falls. This place was even more alluring. The radiant colours from the rocks and owers ll the waterfall with energy. There were not   many people and it was easy to swim over and experience the waterfall up close.   Just imagining how water can fall forever is extraordinary; so little things go on indenitely. These never- ending waterfalls are remarkable and   worth seeing. " " Page  2 Meghan Cooke, 2014 The View f om Ubirr’s Summit Katherine Gorge, Katherine, Australia