Who is Anbyans Kompa

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Thank you for taking the time to visit Our website at WWW.anbyanskompa.com. Our Goal is to keep you updated with the Haitian Music Industry, allowing you access to full coverage in major cities including Orlando, Miami, New York and Haiti; in addition, to cities over seas where most Haitian bands are performing in now. Our coverage will always be accurate and we promise to cover all aspects of the Haitian music industry with professional media coverage. On this website you will be able to keep up with your favorite bands, learn about up and coming new artists/bands, watch your favorite music videos, you will have unlimited access to new singles, albums or video releases, see visuals from major events/parties and experience everything live as it is happening. The contents on this website will be reliable, for our photographers and writers have covered major events such as the Compa festival, the Broward festival, the best of the best, many press conferences. We here at anbyans Kompa knows what is hot and what is trending, So let us inform you today! Also read our blogs and feel free to share your views, ideas and or comments on our website. we welcome you!