MGT 557 Week 5 Individual Assignment Cell Phone Negotiations

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For more course tutorials visit Review the following descriptions of the two teams involved in a negotiation. The all-male negotiating team from the United States seeks a cell phone price of $6 per unit. Assume the American team embodies the following Hofstede’s cultural dimensions: • Individualistic • Low-power distance • Low-term orientation • Low-context The all-female negotiating team from China offers cell phones with a $9 per unit price tag. Assume the Chinese team embodies the following Hofstede’s cultural dimensions: • Collectivistic • High-power distance • Long-term orientation • High-context Evaluate, in an essay of no more than 1,500 words, the potential influence on cell phone price negotiations between the Chinese and American negotiation teams (described below) stemming from the following: Gender difference • Personality • Culture • Perception, cognition, and emotion

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