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    Fareed and his favourite thing   by : Kunal     It was a bright sunny day at SAS, Fareed and his friend, Kaethan were having fun in the playground. Fareed was nice but also greedy. Fareed liked candy a lot, he could never resist candy. Kaethan was Fareed’s best friend. Fareed was 9 years old who was a cute boy and always was willing to help. Kaethan was a 10 years old, brown haired with a tall body boy and he try to help Fareed so that the the bully does not annoy him. They both lived in the same condo and both went to the same school which is known as Singapore American School(SAS). One day Fareed's friend, Kaethan found candy on the ground. Kaethan did not want to give candy to Fareed because he was greedy. Also Fareed could not appreciate candy so he never got any candy. But one day he got candies and was

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