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Dhamo Keerthan DK

Published on August 19, 2014

MD’S NEWS Borrowing the line “Transforming the nation into a developed country, ve areas in combination have been identied based on Ind ia's core competence, natural resources and talented manpower for integrated action to double the growth rate of GDP and realize the Vision of Developed India." from the text “India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium” we at Hindustan Consultancy Technologie s, started working towards our nation growth and to mark our success stories in history. The ve areas mentioned in the above para’s are: 1. Agriculture & Food Processing 3. Education & Healthcare 4. Information & Communication Technology 2. Infrastructure & Reliable Power 5. Critical Technologies & Strategy Industrial Units With respect to the above para, India seems to be one the most emerging & stable market place for the IT & Software sectors. Th e need for IT solutions and strategically business software’s by the Indian industrial units is demanding day to day. It was witnessed during the phase of critical nancial meltdown across the globe, our Indian economy withstand the critical sit uation and stood stable. Increase in productivity, modernized industrial units, increase in GDP, stable government, raise of industria lization, increase in export, strengthen of Rupee against USD are some of the factors stood behind in developing our Indian Economy. The reason behind this impossibility is, all the Indian industries were started to work with most intelligent business solution s, which makes them to predict the impact of Global Financial Crisis exactly and all our Financial Institutions were alerted to take str ict action. We at Hindustan Consultancy Technologies, engage in developing these kind of business intelligent software and oers various IT services to our end customers. HCT Technologies built upon group of young and dynamic man power, who uses most upgraded technologies in developing our products & services. From through study about various industries about their need & deed for IT business solutions we used to upgrade our technology and widen our scope to add more smiles on our customers. HCT Technologies engaged in providing IT solutions to various industries like Automotive, Manufacturing, Electrical & Electronics, Banking & Fin ancial Institutions, logistics and pharma. HCT Technologies engaged in providing IT solutions to various industries like Automotive, Manufacturing, Electrical & Electroni cs, Banking & Financial Institutions, logistics and pharma. HCT Technologies is an associate industrial unit of Hindustan Industrial Research Private Limited, an “Indian Conglomerate”, wh ich was founded by the year 2012. To emerge as one of the most competitive IT industrial solution provider and to acquire most of the IT shares globally to make our product & services get reaches at the hands of every industrial units globally through innovative and environmental user friendly business solutions. To be act as a universal leader in oering IT Industrial Solutions, by developing most intelligent & intellectual products to our end customers and to solve most complicated industrial unknowns by conducting prolong Research & Development and to support the humanity to preserve our mother nature. VISION STATEMENT MISSION STATEMENT