Art Fusion Festival @ Mel Lastman Square - May 4, 2013

June 13, 2013  |  By  | 

The ART FUSION Festival on May 4, 2013 brought together hundreds performing Artists, 20 Organizations, 60 vendors and 150 paintings were displayed @ Mel Lastman Square!! - Maria Zak Films created “The Art Fuze Documentary” capturing the performances of ART FUSION: - “Expletive Deleted” Magazine did a coverage of the Art Fusion Festival: or - SNAP in North York featured Art Fusion festival: - TakingITGlobal also featured Art Fusion festival: - Kelly Proctor put together a video featuring the Art Fusion festival: - View-Ja-De I filmed the whole event: - Krystal Kimberly's write-up about the Art Fusion festival says on her blog "For those of you that have been to the previous Art Fusion event and this last one, you could compare how much more there was going on! This event on Star Wars Day was HUGE!

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