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BOOK- I chose to read "Diary of Anne Frank" by Anne Frank edited by Otto H. Frank and Mirjam Pressler. The reason why I chose this book was because it has a great reputation. I have heard a lot about it and I have always wanted to read it. It is on a interesting subject and that compelled me to select this book. CHARACTERS- The main characters include Anne Frank, Mrs. Frank, Mr. Frank, Margot Frank, Mr. van Daan, Mrs. van Daan, Peter van Daan, and Mr. Dussel. Anne Frank is the youngest daughter. She always seems to be in the shadows of her older sister. She has a strong personality. She never lets people walk all over her. If necessary she will stand up for herself and state her opinion. She feels misunderstood and picked on by everyone in hiding with her. She doesn't show it but everyone picking on her really takes a toll on her spirit. Despite all this she stays strong and brave. She tries to stay positive even in her situation. Margot is Anne's older sister. She is very intelligent. Everyone in the annex considers her a very well brought up child and the Anne needs to be more like her. Otto Frank is very kind and Anne feels closer to him then she does her mother. He is also the only one to survive the war. Edith Frank never gets along with her daughter. She is very critical of her daughter. Anne says that she sometimes hates her mother and the never see eye to eye. Mrs.van Daan has a very overwhelming personality. She complains about everything and she is never satisfied. She likes to criticize everything that Anne does. Mr. van Daan is some what temperamental and is also not afraid to speak his mind, especially with his wife. Peter van Daan is the Van Daan's only child. Anne at first sees Peter as annoying but they then become very close. He is very timid and sweet to Anne. They ended up having a romantic relationship and he ends up being the person Anne always goes to for anything. Mr. Dussel is also someone who likes to pick on Anne. He is a dentist and Anne can not stand him. He comes to live in the annex a little later in the book." The house is still trembling from the aftereffects of the quarrels. Everyone is mad at everyone else: Mother and I, Mr. van Daan and Father, Mother and Mrs. van D. Terrific atmosphere, don't you think?"(Page 100) This passage shows some of their characters. This shows all their personalities in some way because it shows how stubborn all of them are. They are all so hard headed that they can't let anything go. It also shows who they all butt heads with in the annex. SCENE- Most of this book is set in a secret annex at Otto's office in Amsterdam. The door to the right of the landing leads to the "Secret Annex" at the back of the house. No one would ever suspect there were so many rooms behind that plain gray door. There's just one small step in front of the door, and then you're inside. Straight ahead of you is a steep flight of stairs. To the left is a narrow hallway opening onto a room that serves as the Frank family's living room and bedroom."(Page 23-24) This shows scene because it gives a description of their annex. STYLISTIC DEVICE 1- "Mr. Dussel calmly observed the scene, his hands on his hips, while the rest of the audience roared with laughter." (Page 79) This is meant to show how hard and loud they all laughed at Mrs.van Daan. STYLISTIC DEVICE 2-"By the way, I dreamed about Peter last night and once again I felt his eyes penetrate mine." (Page 170)This shows how longingly and intense peter stared into Anne's eyes. STYLISTIC DEVICE 3-" In the meantime a shadow has fallen on my happiness."(Page 226) In this passage she is describing how she was happy until a certain event made her depressed and destroyed her happiness. The shadow represents the unhappiness and darkness the horrible event created. IMAGERY-"She flailed her arms and legs until Dussel let go of his probe and ... it remained stuck in Mrs. van Dan's tooth. That really did it! Mrs. van Dan lashed out widely in all directions." (Page 79) This shows imagery because you can just imagine her running around the annex with something in her tooth. The why it describes how widely see runs around creates perfect imagery. MOOD-"Yesterday was a very tumultuous day, and we're still all wound up. Actually, you may wonder if there's ever a day that passes without some kind of excitement." (Page 116) The reason why this passage shows the mood of the book is because it explains how risky their lives are. They are consistently walking on egg shells. The mood is very intense and crazy in this book. However despite everything that is happening there is still a sense of hope that everything will be okay.

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