HUM 105 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Discussion

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For more course tutorials visit Answer the Learning Team DQ using the secular location that I posted to your LT forum. In what ways does your assigned city function as a sacred place? What event(s) occurred there which caused a mythology to arise? What specific place(s) within that city carry sacred and/or mythological significance? Use Chapter 6 of the textbook to support your answer. Post two additional substantive messages as responses to your teammates posts. The purpose here is to engage your team in a thoughtful discussion of the topics for the final assignment. In other words, these posts should be similar to your involvement in the Main Forum discussion threads. By the end of the week, each person should choose a portion of the final paper on which they will write. Each member of the team should choose a teammate to Peer Review their portion of the paper (see instructions under Week 4).

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