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2 clubhouse jr. Join us on Facebook. We’d love to connect with you. Get encouragement and fun ideas by searching for “Clubhouse magazines” at Facebook.com . Find inspiration and help for your family with the FREE iPad edition of Thriving Family magazine. This awardwinning parenting magazine offers timetested solutions and celebrates God’s design for the family. In every issue, you’ll get: • agespecific parenting advice • faithbased family activities • fun, interactive digital features • and much more! Find it at ThrivingFamily.com/digital-edition . A True Success Pa rent’s Page   CLUBHOUSEJR • August  • Volume  • Number  editor: JESSE FLOREA sr. associate editor: JOANNA ECHOLS  art director: LEXIERHODES assistant editor: JAMES HOLT contributing editor: STEPHEN O’REAR imaging specialist: JIM CAIL print production: GAILWISE circulation:  JENNYBERGERON copy chief: SCOTTDENICOLA media publishing director: KEVINSHIRIN • president: JIM DALY chief operating officer: KENWINDEBANK vice president content development: JIMMHOON cover photo: ALAMY Published monthly by Focus on the Family,  Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO - . Copyright ©  , Focus on the Family. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ISSN -. Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. is a trademark of Focus on the Family, a nonprofit organization recognized for tax-deductible giving by the federal government. Annual U.S. subscription (  issues): . Canadian: . . Send correspondence to Clubhouse Jr. Editor,  Explorer Dr., Colorado Springs, CO  . All Bible quotations are from the New International Reader’s Version unless otherwise noted. For questions about magazine delivery, please call us at (  ) -. Website references do not constitute blanket endorsement or complete agreement by Focus on the Family with information or resources offered at or through those sites. IMPORTANT NOTICE! By submitting letters and other materials to Focus on the Family, you agree that the materials submitted are the property of Focus on the Family and will not be returned. A reply is not guaranteed. You agree that Focus on the Family, its assigns and licensees, have been granted the non- exclusive right to use and/or reproduce the materials in any manner and for any purpose. Our agreement is made in Colorado and controlled by Colorado law. RETURN UNDELIVERABLE CANADIAN ADDRESSES TO: Focus on the Family,   A Ave., Langley, BC V  Y J; phone: (  ) - or (  ) - email: letters@fotf.ca; GST -RT Printed in the USA  sparentswewantourchildrentobe successfulThat’swhyweencourage themtodowellinschooltreatpeoplewith respectandfollowGodTheBibletellsus God“storesupsuccessforhonestpeopleHe islikeashieldtothosewholivewithoutblame” ProverbsWhenwefollowGod’slawsHehelps ussucceedBeinghonestandlivingblamelesslybringsrewards Thismonth ClubhouseJr wantstohelpyour kidsprepare forsuccess TogetherreadNiijimaJō’sstoryonpages-What traininghelpedhimsucceedatsharingChristwithother Japanesepeople?Thensingthesongonpageand answerthequestionswithyourchildrenHowcan offeringourdaytoGodmakeitasuccess?Alsoyour kidscanprepareforschoolbytracinglettersand solvingthefunpuzzleonpages- Wedon’thavetobethestrongestorsmartesttobe successfulTruesuccesscomesfromfollowingGodand watchingHimmakesomethingamazingoutofourlives Sincerely, Jesse Florea, Editor  Marriage in the FAST LANE Inside the mind of your MIDDLE SCHOOLER DAVE RAMSEY on raising money-smart kids E X P L O R E see pages 17 & 33 Meet our cover family winner! FOCUS ON THE FAMILY August / September 2014 $3.99