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Freckles the Bunny Series is a series of children's books, based on the author's real pets. The books contain a moral in every story, learned in a humorous way for both parents and child to enjoy.

Meet Boots the kitten, he can’t stop grooming his paws. Dreamy the chick, she loves to nap. Tiger the puppy, thinks he’s a cat. Norma the fawn, she is shy and can move fast. Stew the lop-eared bunny who is gentle and kind. Lastly, there is Donut the duckling, he loves to do everything in a circle.
Sherlock the Remarkable Cat Series is based on the author's real cat who was adopted from the Humboldt & District SPCA after they fostered for the holidays. Sherlock proved to be a unique cat who not only could not moew, but took a preference to the family over cats and “talks” in an unusual way with his trilling sounds. Sherlock is very much like a toddler in the Caswell home, often seen following his “mom” around the house and asking to be carried. He quickly adopted the Caswell's as his “cat” family, treating the author's daughter like another kitten and greets them at the door when they come home. Join Sherlock as he shares his unique personality with you in his own tale! The books are not about detectives and they are nothing like Sherlock Holmes (though he was named after him).