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The article below and the resulting knowledge will help hair stylists, salon owners and businesses dealing with hair products, combs, etc to get better understanding of Neem woode combs. Azadirachtc Indica, or commonly referred to as the Neem Tree is commonly found in found in tropical Asian countries, primarily India and Burma and it has become a paragon for its magical medicinal properties. It is from the same lineage as Mahogany tree and the most fascinating thing about this magical tree is that each of it’s part from root to fruit can be used to cure illnesses. United Nations has also declared the Neem tree as the “Tree of the 21st century" for its amazing beneficial properties. Brief History about Neem Since centuries, Indians have known for its natural pest control properties. On the basis of traditional knowledge, Indian farmers have been using neem leaves as insecticides and to improve storage of grains. E.g. through mixing grains with neem leaves. Almost the entire Neem tree is completely free from insects and pests. Reason being, presence of active compound ‘Azadirachtin’ (tetranortriterpenoids), which plays the role of growth regulator or anti-feedant. Neem terpenoids are mostly concentrated in the OIL, though they are present in almost all living tissue parts of the plant. Uses of Neem As said earlier, almost all the parts of the neem tree can be put to use, not only as an excellent source of pesticides, but also to provide good animal feed, fuel and timber. E.g The wood of Neem tree is aromatic. It seasons well when it is sawn still wet. It can be worked both by hand and by machines and hence are used to make beautiful wood carved home décor products like sculptures, show pieces etc. However, it does not take polish well. Neem timber is resistant to termites and woodworms and has long been used as firewood. Neem leaves also possess excellent medicinal properties and can also be fed to livestock when mixed with other animal feed. Neem leaves are sometimes used as fertilizer in rice fields in some states of India and in some other countries leaves are used in tobacco and tomato fields. These can also be used to protect stored woollen and silk clothes from insects. Neem oil is most commonly used for soap production. Soap made of Neem can be of great health. Neem Soap is of immense health use if the general hygiene properties of Neem is properly utilized. Such medicated soaps with neem odour are proved to have very effective anti-germ properties. In Germany, Neem oil is used in herbal hair oil, hair tonic, and nail oil. Wood as combs It is a common practice to us wooden combs in case the person has curly or long hairs. A wood comb can be very effective for detangling hair. Wood comb is highly recommended for curly or long hair that may get caught in plastic combs since the teeth generally are not as thick. Wooden combs are also naturally hypoallergenic. It is easier to hold on to wooden combs than plastic combs which can slip. Wood combs are generally suitable for all types of hair and are also considered stylish and have personal effects aligned to a wooden comb. One of the significant benefits of wood comb is that they last longer than plastic combs. The attractiveness and flexibility of wood comb is a strong point to buy for the consumer either for himself, for friend and for family. A comb made of wood feels better on scalp and once a consumer switches to wood comb – it is difficult to go back to plastic ones. No doubt inspite of huge influx of plastic and Chinese made cheaper combs international TRADE and imports of combs made materials like wood, horn etc have continued to sustain itself. Neem wood used for Combs Nowadays Neem wood is handcrafted to make beautiful combs which have immense health benefits. Such Neem Wood comb signifies fortune, health and happiness. In China it is a common culture, to gift wooden combs to friend s which means ‘see you everyday’. Neem combs are hair and scalp friendly and it assists distribute oil all through the end when a person applies oil to hair-. Here are few benefits of Neem Wood Comb: Gentle on hair and scalp. Controls hair loss and dandruff. Gives relief to itchy scalp. Handcrafted and eco-friendly. They are non-toxic and not harsh on hairs. Natural, non-invasive and herbal way of keeping hair healthy. Thanks for reading the article, Ghaat Team Ghaat is a social venture promoting handmade products of artisans and producers from rural India in global MARKET. Designers, retailers, importers can buy natural, organic and handmade products in wholesale from us at most reasonable prices.

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