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Speci  c PROBLEMS & ISSUES when using internal Key Holders: 1. Uncomfortable being ‘ on-call ’ for Key Holder response du  es 2. Being woken up in the middle of the night to a  end alarm ac  va  ons 3. Having to return to work outside of normal working hours 4. Leaving the family ‘ home alone ’ 5. Loss of Police Response equals zero back up 6. Regular false alarms cause de-mo  va  on 7. Risk of being a  acked by intruders 8. Disturbed sleep pa  erns 9. Weekends ruined 10. Fa  gue at work the next day, not as produc  ve 11. Real risk of a slip, trip or fall turning into a crisis if working alone 12. Arriving for work late resul  ng in missed appointments/deadlines 13. Can ’ t relax and have a drink if ‘ on-call ’ 14. Stranded on site wai  ng for an alarm engineer to  x or reset the alarm 15. A delayed response could invalidate any subsequent insurance claim 16. Procedure for ensuring a response during sickness/holiday cover 17. Untrained to confront and deal with intruders 18. Paying too much for business insurance If you would like to know more about our professional Key Holding & Alarm Response services, call 3D Security today 01823 253001 and reduce your KEY HOLDING & ALARM RESPONSE When your alarms go off outside business hours, being the first on scene can be both very inconvenient and potentially very hazardous. In the long-term, substantial amounts of time and money could be saved using a Key holding service. This can also include the r outine opening and closing of your premises and acceptance of late deliveries during your ‘ out of hour ’ s ’ period. How Secure are Your Premises? There is a real and worrying trend amongst the commercial sector in today's climate, that regards the issue of building securit y as an unquantifiable drain on profits and a 'grudge buy'. Many companies put the responsibility for locking up and securing offices a nd shops to the 'last one out'. Who do you blame when workers forget to set alarms, leave open windows or muddle up the door codes? 45A Station Road, Taunton, Somerset TA1 1NZ Tel: 01823 253001: 0800 955 8850 Email: enquiries@3dsecurity.org.uk

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