The Loop Newspaper - Vol 27 No 10 - Nov 22 to Dec 6, 2014

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Page 2 Tell them you saw it in The Loop ~ Your Hometown Community News & Local Happenings, Since 2001 Nov . 22 ~ Dec. 6, 2014 Inside This Issue Ou xt ssu w b o stds: Stud, Dc. 6, 2014 DeaDline iS FriDay, nOv. 28 Ps submt tcs to tcs@thoopwspp.com Sales Associates: Ht Cd, Pt Dood & J nss Social Media: adm B Publisher & Layout: Cud Hso-Wht Production Manager: as B Htop Pubshs; Hom o The Loop wspp 206 South G St.  Dowtow Thchp, Ca 93561 • Pho: 661-822-8188 • Fax: 661-822-5646 Cssfd ads : Call or email. Deadline Wednesday at 4 p.m. a week beore publication date. For rates please call our oce. Dstbuto to Tehachapi, Bear Valley, Stallion Springs, Keene, Mojave, Caliornia City, Neenach, JawBone Canyon and Edwards Airorce Base. Mailing directly to homes. The Loop has been East Kern’s guide to entertainment and local news since 2001. It is picked up and read by over 10,000 readers (20,000 monthly) and delivered to over 250 locations, two times a month. Subscriptions are available or price o mailing. eDiTOrial POliCy: Opinions o contributors are their own and do not necessarily reect those o staf or management. All content o is the property o Hilltop Publishers. Learn More About Us Online:loopnwspp.com Page 4 Real Estate Spotlight • Mortgage Matters Page 5 Meet Your New Neighbors • Life Insurance Page 6-8 It’s a Dog’s Life • Adopt-A-Pet Section • “Fix Your Pet” Project Pg 9 St Sghtgs Page 10 What’s Up in Stallion Springs? • Dr. Brady the “Spine Guy” lst Chc to Ptch you P Page 11 From the Pastor’s Desk • TUSD Superintendent at Kiwanis Page 12 From the City Manager • Woman About Town Page 13-14 Ugly Sweater Wine Walk Flyer and Map Page 15 Healthcare Reform Answers • Local Business Finishes Strong Page 16 Jennifer’s Thoughts • Ashmore Motors Page 17 Fashion at Dahlia’s • Clean-up of GH Country Club loc Coupos Page 19 Winter Tires? • Inkopelli - Open Black Friday Pg 20 Succss wth  Chstms ts Pg 21 Sk Wtch Pg 22-23 Fod Fs Pg 24-25 Commut Hppgs Page 26 Spirit of Tehachapi • California City’s Holiday Village Page 27 Classieds • Calendar of Events Page 28-29 Phyllis Belcher Given Clausen Award • Business Directory Pg 30 Th loc Sc - a collection of local photos T he L oop Meet the Computer Gurus at All Access Computers Intrducing Cln haskll, wnr and Gabril Brav frm All Accss Cmutrs lcatd in old Twn Tacai. S tir ad blw fr cntact infrmatin.

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