Death of Cook Part 2

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Part 2 resumes the script of text complete with sound and image cues, based on performances of Death of Cook at The Performance Space, Sydney, October 1984. Multi-media and at the same time a stark opera inspired by the Kumilopo -the Hawaiian Creation Chant- and the metre of an Indian sacred chant. Subject matter is the pollution of Pacific Island cultures by European thought and practices. Created in partnership with Tom Ellard, stalwart of electronic music group Severed Heads. The many images in the script serve to illustrate the text, often obliquely, as well as to present a narrative parallel to the text's. The play moves backward in time, focusing on contemporary economic manipulators, to somewhat deranged colonial administrators of the early C20th, then to the zealots of the Christian Missionary Societies of the C19th, and finally to Cook the great navigator of the C18th.