Jessica Araiza Learning Framework EDUC1300

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Part I. Introduction My Career I am interested in is accounting. Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business. Accounting also refers to the process of summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions. In my career I am looking for stability, because after I receive my bachelor’s degree I want to stay at a job that pays me well enough to provide for my family and I. That includes good insurance, pay’s to further my education, and not travel very far. I am also looking a career that is flexible because you never know what incidents may happen that you will need an excuse to be able to leave early or take the day off. I am also looking for my career to be understanding because incidents do happen from day to day. You never know what one day to another can bring. In my career I just want a job that I won’t be miserable working at, I want to go into work with a great attitude and not be grumpy. I think this career fits my personality because it’s more of b eing by yourself, I love to communicate and talk with different people but I would rather most of my day be with myself. Skills you would need for being an accountant are math skills, time management, organizations skills, good communication, and computer skills. My strengths would be time management; I’m almost always on time. My organization skills are my best because I like to keep everything in order and filed correctly. My communication skills, I can talk to just anyone when it’s in the correct environ ment and my computer skills are very good, I can type and use the internet very well. My weakness would be math, it is not my best subject but as long as I push myself I can understand it. My long term career goals would be, after I receive my associate’s degree I would like to take the next step in receiving my bachelor’s degree. When I receive my bachelor’s degree I hope to move into a higher position in the company I am currently at.

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