ACE Show 2016 - ACE Wars: The Culture Awakens

May 24, 2016  |  By  | 

Category: Marketing

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage month, DePaul University’s Asian Cultural Exchange presents… ACE Wars : The Culture Awakens Follow our three emcees, Katrina, Justin and Joe, as they learn to reconnect with their cultures. Our show serves as a reminder as to where we come from, how we got here, and who we are. ACE WARS: THE CULTURE AWAKENS is a spin-off of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As a DePaul student organization, we uphold our Vincentian values of striving to give back. This year we will be collaborating with DePaul's Be The Match for those who are interested in registering to become a bone marrow donor. In addition, we will be collecting donations for Ascension Performing Arts. For more information on both organizations, see below: DePaul Be The Match: Ascension Performing Arts:

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