List of bamboo seedlings

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P.O.Box 762 00606 Sarit Centre, Nairobi, Kenya I Tel: 254 787456156 I 254 722729630, E-mail: ; Web site: Detailed description of each species Oxytenanthera abyssinica (solid bamboo): A clump forming, solid stemmed bamboo, occurring from sea-level up to 2000m altitude, but mainly at 300–1500m. It is a drought resistant bamboo. The culms of are solid in the lower internodes, and hollow from the upper half to the top of the culm. The dense clump consists of 20–100 (exceptionally up to 200) stems (culms) between 10–15m tall and up to 10cm in diameter with internodes of 32cm. It grows in areas with a minimum annual rainfall of between 350 and 800 mm. Dendrocalamus membranaceus cv. grandis: A giant clumper reaching a height of 18-25m, diameter of 10-14cm, internode of 30-50cm and culm wall thickness of 1-3cm. It is planted for both shoot and timber production. It's one of the most drought resistant tropical bamboo with a minimum precipitation requirement of 700mm per year. Adaptable to high temperature, high humidity as well as drought and degraded soil. It's poles have good resistance to insect, disease and decay. Poles are good for construction, making paper, fiber, plywood, shoots, handicrafts. biomass, and charcoal production. Bambusa longinternode: One of the most beautiful bamboo species. New shoots are bright in colour. Bamboo has a tight clump structure and dark green culms and leafs. New poles are covered with white blue powder. Longinternode of 2-4cm diameter. Lots of foliage higher up with clean poles when mature. Grows up to 12m with a circumferences of 3-4m. Good for industrial use, bamboo bicycles, timber, poles scaffolding, gardening etc. Phyllostachys pubescens edulis (moso ): Its l atin name edulis , is a reference to the fact that it produces edible shoots. This bamboo can reach heights of up to 20m . Moso groove can be used to cultivate bamboo mushroom. In textiles, its physical properties are more superior to that of cotton, wool, rayon, or polyester. Culm wall is 10mm thick; leaf 4-11cm long, 0.5-1.2cm wide. Moso bamboo is the mostly distributed, cultivated and processed economic bamboo in China, for both poles and shoots. It takes up 70% of bamboo plantation in China. Moso poles are used in construction, weaving, textile, pulp, shoots and biomass. Shoots are delicious both fresh and processed. Dendrocalamus maximuslamina: A giant clumper reaching a height of 15-20m, diameter of 10-15cm, internode length 26-32cm and culm wall thickness of 2-2.5cm. It's good for timber, paper, charcoal, fodder and biomass. Also called biggest leaf bamboo 1m by 1ft. Dendrocalamus giganteus: A giant clumper reaching a height of 20-30m, diameter of 12-20cm, internode of 35- 55cm. Culms are covered with white waxy powder when young. Branches show at 2.5-4.5m. Large sheath of 6- 12mm long, leathery and deciduous, purple red or purple black when fresh, with dark brown bristles. Sheath blade oval edge. It's good for pulp, timber, shoots, paper, charcoal, fodder and biomass. Dendrocalamus strictus: A giant clumper reaching a height of 17m, diameter of 10cm, internode of 30-50cm, culm wall thickness of 2cm. The culms tend to be semi solid at the base. The branches grow low, with numerous branches. Sheath is gold brown setae on the dorsal surface with triangular blades. Leaves are small, 6-20cm long by 1-2.5cm wide. Its timber is hard, which makes it good material for construction. It's one of the top bamboo species used for paper production, shoots, bamboo fiber, plywood and biomass. Dendrocalamus asper: A giant clumper reaching a height of 18-30m, diameter of 6-12cm, internode of 30-50cm and culm wall thickness of 1-3cm. It's one of the best bamboo species for plantation, both for shoot and timber production. Culm show aerial roots from the nodes. Seen in altitudes of 1,500m, thrives best at 400-500m in areas with average annual rainfall of about 2,400mm. An average biomass production of 123 tones per hectare per year. Dendrocalamus barbatus: A giant clumper reaching a height of 15-30m, diameter of 10-15cm, internode of 30- 24cm and a culm wall of 2-4cm. Culms have an aerial white circular roots at the base. The branches are low. Shows early deciduous, yellow brown with brown bristles on the dorsal surface and the sheath blades curving outwards. Leaves are small 10-18cm long by 1-2cm wide. It's good bamboo for timber production. Used for construction, paper, bamboo fiber plywood, shoots, biomass and handicraft. Bamboo clumps are giant and upright, of great ornamental value.

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