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Hestia NV - Veldkant 35d - 2550 Kontich - www.hestia-it.be - info@hestia-it.be - As a solid based knowledge company, Hestia ensures consistency and absolute quality by supporting and/or completely managing the ICTinfrastructure of our esteemed customers. We are a  exible organization with thorough expertise and a proven track record, but our inspired and motivated teams are what really differentiates us in the market. We are active in all sectors and serve small, medium as well as large enterprises. Our goal is simple and clear: to keep the IT infrastructure of our customers operational and available at all times. Hestia offers a wide range of services • Maintenance • Managed Hosting • Monitoring • White Label SPOC • Service Management • Service Desk as a Service We are experts in • Cloud Backup • Mobile Managed Services • SMSpasscode • Omnitracker • DropBox for Business

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