LIL by Marc Crane and Michael Young is a Graphic Novel Series that takes a bold, dark plunge into a troubled woman’s tortured psyche. Set in a fictional US state “somewhere along the gulf of Mexico”, Lil’s life is as stark and empty as the vast deserts that surround her. She is a thirty four year old waitress, down on her luck with an appetite for destruction and a desire for death. However, in the lead up to Lil’s thirty fifth birthday, a seemingly chance encounter sets in motion a chain of events that will change her life forever.
Lil was born out of Mike Young and Marc Crane's love of film and comics. Implicitly noir, influences range from Hitchcock to Lynch to modern Asian Extreme Cinema. The boys aim is to create an atmospheric series that evokes a visceral reaction and an epic journey that people can really sink their teeth into. Issues are released by-monthly and can be read for free on the web. With the first volume (a collection of issues 1 – 5) now complete and on sale at Orbital Comic Shop, Mike and Marc have many more planned to continue this evocative, gritty and existential story.

"This is the kind of indie comic that everyone should check out. It is so different, so compelling that it almost transcends the medium." Richard Cardenas

"Crane and Young have created an impressive and idiosyncratic debut, and one that is definitely worth investing in."

"I’m elated by Lil as a noir comic. I eagerly await more issues, and strongly recommend it."