The Rising Preview

October 6, 2014  |  By  | 

Kale and Strife are two young water voles with a nose for trouble and an eye for adventure. But when their uncle Sylvan comes to stay, bringing news of a danger that could threaten their whole existence, the voles are sucked into a quest that will test their courage to the limit. A thrilling new adventure from the author of The River Singers. second thrilling adventure from Tom Moorhouse, featuring the wonderful characters of The River Singers (ISBN 9780192734808), which has garnered universal critical acclaim since publication. High production values and sumptuous illustration throughout make this an ideal gift purchase. Written by an Oxford academic and water vole expert; the story is interwoven with fascinating facts about British wildlife. Unforgettable animal characters, a tense and exciting narrative, and a wonderfully lyrical style of storytelling - this is a proper children's book that manages to feel timeless whilst also appealing to modern children.

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