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Christmas Menu All prices include VAT at 20% - We take cash, visa, mastercard & maestro. An optional 10% service charge will be added to parti es of 6 or more. Due to the presence of nuts in some of our dishes we cannot guarantee absence of nut traces in our dishes. Cutters StarterS - £4.95 each Inspired by Beach Shacks & Street Hawkers across the Caribbean Islands, these authentic, great tasting dishes are perect as a starter or or riends to share. Garlic ‘n’ herb Flatbread Hand-made, stone baked atbread, herb, chilli & garlic butter PattieS* Lamb or saltfsh baked turmeric pastries, scotch bonnet & herb mayo Sweetcorn FritterS* Fried sweetcorn ritters with hot sauce Jamaican Fried bait Lightly spiced & crisp whitebait with resh lime & coriander mayo trini doubleS* Two bara roti, curried Trini chickpeas, cucumber chutney & coconut shavings Jerk chicken winGS Jerk spice marinated, grilled & glazed chicken wings, sour orange chutney Pulled Jerk Pork Slow roast pulled jerk pork, rocket, resh butternut squash, mango, orange & coconut shavings Jerk Pit PrawnS Whole shell-on jerk pit grilled king prawns, herb, chilli & garlic butter, atbread - £5.95 Jerk Pit ribS Jerk spice marinated, grilled & glazed pork ribs, sour orange chutney PePPer roti Oven baked spicy ‘buss up shut’ roti, potatoes, carrots, peppers, cheese & scotch bonnet chilli Fried Squid* Crisp ried spiced coated squid, mango mole, lime & coriander mayo duck rollS Slow roasted shredded duck, onion, tamarind, soy sauce, chilli & sugarcane, sour orange chutney beach Food Platter Spicy jerk chicken wings, pepper roti, sweet corn ritters, garlic ‘n’ herb atbread - £12.95 One Pots £9.65 each Rich, slowly simmered & uniquely Caribbean Jerk Pit BBQ With its unique avours & antastic aromas the Jerk Pit is the ultimate Caribbean barbecue. Our succulent authentic jerk dishes are marinated with herbs & spices & ame grilled to order over allspice & thyme wood blue mountain curry Goat Spice marinated goat, potatoes & carrots, rice ‘n’ peas, sweet onion chutney, atbread trinidad curry chicken Chicken breast, mango & coconut, sweet onion chutney, rice ‘n’ peas, atbread Jamaican browned chicken Marinated & slow braised on the bone, rice ‘n’ peas, ried dumplings curry SquaSh Butternut squash, coconut milk, spices, green seasoning, sweet onion chutney, rice ‘n’ peas, atbread *You can request these dishes with less spice raStaFari run down Butter beans, corn cob, greens, carrots, sweet potatoes, herbs, coconut milk, rice ‘n’ peas, ried dumplings curry, ShrimP and manGo Shrimps, mango, sweet potatoes, tomato, garlic, ginger, Caribbean spices, green seasoning, sweet onion chutney, rice ’n’ peas, atbread trini curry FiSh Salmon, prawns, squid & white fsh, coconut, sweet onion chutney, rice ‘n’ peas, atbread eScovitch FiSh Whole bream, sauce o tomatoes, scotch bonnet, onion, carrots, dressed salad, rice ‘n’ peas £12.50 mo’ bay chicken Chicken breast, creamy jerk spiced sauce, onions, plantain, dressed salad, sweet potato mash - £9.85 diPPed Pork Steak* Grilled jerk marinated pork steak, Caribbean slaw, sweet potato mash £9.85 Jerk Salmon* Jerk glazed salmon fllet, sweet potato mash, dressed salad - £11.95 Jerk lamb Grilled jerk marinated lamb steak, resh green seasoning, Caribbean slaw & sweet potato mash - £12.50 Jerk Pit burGer* Seasoned bee burger, pulled jerk pork, brioche bun, baby gem, sweet onion chutney, herb mayo, pineapple, Caribbean slaw & sweet potato ries £9.85 double diPPed Steak* Grilled jerk marinated steak, Caribbean slaw, sweet potato ries £14.25 Jerk chicken 12 spice & herb jerk marinated & grilled, sour orange chutney, Caribbean slaw, rice ‘n’ peas ½ - £9.95 1 - £15.50 Jerk ribS Grilled jerk marinated pork ribs, honey bbq glaze, sour orange chutney, Caribbean slaw, sweet potato ries - £9.85 Puddings £4.85 each SPiced chocolate Pot With orange zest & coconut shavings, coconut ice cream banana FritterS Cinnamon & sugar dusted, rum caramel, coconut shavings, vanilla ice cream SPaniSh town Sunday Fresh mango, pineapple & banana, mango sorbet, coconut ice cream dark chocolate Pie Rich, dark chocolate baked pie, vanilla ice cream rum & raiSin bread PuddinG Slow baked with dark rum, cinnamon raisins, & brown sugar, vanilla ice cream banana & toFFee cheeSecake Rum caramel sauce bbq PineaPPle Grilled sugared pineapple, rum caramel sauce, coconut shavings, coconut ice cream caymanaS rum cake Warm golden mellow rum cake, rum caramel & vanilla ice cream

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