My Testimony

September 23, 2015  |  By  | 

The first thing I did with the samples is purify with a test called the Solid- Phase Extraction Manifold because I needed to be able to separate the different components of the samples. Then I analyzed the result in a qualitative analysis. When I was testing the qualitative analysis I had to work under a fume hood because I was working with chemicals. A fume hood is designed to capture and exhaust (expel) contaminates resulting from working with chemicals. A qualitative analysis creates reactions to separate and it can identify the drug samples. As you can see here I used the Van Urk Chemical Test on both sample A and NBOME. Both results turned Blue-Purple proving that both samples are the same drug. In differential centrifugation I analyzed the separated 3 components by densities. Here are the results: Layer 1 – 0.1 mg/ml, Layer 2 – 0.3 mg/ml, Layer 3 – 0.6mg/ml. Both samples had the same results which I concluded they were the same sample. Another way I concluded that sample and the drug NBOME were the same was when I tested the samples in the Phenethylamine Test / Marquis Color Test. Both sample A and the drug tested positive and turned a green/yellow color shown here. Taking the entire testing into consideration, my concluded report is that sample A is in fact the drug NBOME

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