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Published on December 3, 2014

iPad Definition: iPad – is an iOS-based line of tablet computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc Office Use: The ipad would allow you to access company web based software programs, internet, face-time, social media sites for advertising, mobile communication or on the go travel etc. The possibilities are end-less what this device could provide for office use. Cost: The cost of the ipad ranges depending on the spec’s you are interested in. The range is: $199 to $699. You also have to have internet to connect too, which you would have to figure that cost in as well. Advantages: Accessibility, mobile and convenient Disadvantages: Price, relies on wireless internet connections, potential of being stolen or damaged is high. Also the batteries life isn’t long and will need to be charged. Customers Advantages and Disadvantages: Very easy and fast to communicate to customers for billings and scheduling’s , can provide real- time video or photos of their dog, connects to the internet for social media updates for the latest updates. Could cause lack of social interaction with customers if constantly looking at ipad.while customer is present. The device could malfunction and cause errors for fast retrieval. Also the risk of the product being stolen. Tips and Tricks: Works best to sync up to a Mac computer. It’s always good to keep a f ully charged battery and to lock it up when not in use.