November 2014 Newsletter

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APD Upper Valley Smiles Oral Health Program Thank you to dental hygienist, Mary Davis, and dental assistant, Anita Garland, and Director, Dept. of Community Health, Nancy Dumont for another year of coming to MLS to provide free dental care to students who need it. Thank you to Dennis Samuel, Lebanon Director of Food Services Fresh Picks Café. Fresh Picks Café (a division of Café Services) is a locally owned and operated company dedicated to serving delicious, wholesome, quality meals that meet the latest nutritional guidelines. See our website for more information and menus. From Muffy Faucher - Just wanted to say thank you to all who made it possible to start up the Garden Club again after a two-year hiatus! It is an activity that is near and dear to my heart--to get children outside more and to appreciate nature. It was a quick harvest season, but we did manage to pull out what was planted last spring---big strange radishes, carrots, chives, and some great digging of potatoes. We cleaned out the beds and weeds from both the vegetable garden and quiet garden. Thanks to Frank Moran for taking down the ugly compost bin and carting it away in his truck. And a HUGE thank you to our new parent helper, Ms. Gwen, for making it possible to continue our Garden Club. Whenever we needed something, she was right there with a smile making it happen. Somehow she got us tulips for planting, pumpkins for carving, and, most recently, the mulch that the kids have been gleefully spreading. We are running low on our borrowed sneakers supply. If you have any kids sneakers that are in pretty good shape and would like to donate them to our cause, I would really appreciate it. Boot weather is coming and students tend to forget sneakers more often so I would like to stock up. Thank you! Amy Ballou, PE Teacher Toys in School Rule - At MLS, stuffies and balls are the ONLY toys allowed in school. There might be other circumstances in which other toys may be brought in, but this would only be with the prior permission of the classroom or BST teacher. In this situation a note will go home making this permission clear for both the student and the parent/guardian. Under no circumstances will the following be brought into school - toys that look like weapons and trading cards. NWEA Measures of Academic Progress We have just completed Fall NWEA testing of all students Grades K-4. Teachers shared the results with Parents/Guardians recently at conferences. Having this data is a key component of individualizing instruction for each child. The computerized tests we use at Mt. Leb have the ability to measure a student’s achievement and academic growth, independent of grade, across time. From the insight provided by these tests and its reports, teachers can compare class- or grade-level performance to students from a wide variety of schools across the country. Status norms provide a starting point for educators to review data, and help them gain an understanding of each child’s current academic level, where they need focused instruction, and the extent of their progress.

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